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Water %

Total Body Water (TBW) as a percentage gives us an understanding of our hydration level. Water is a vital element in the majority of the body’s functions and can be found in every cell, tissue, and organ. A healthy TBW% needs to be maintained to ensure that we are operating at maximum efficiency. Hydration levels fluctuate throughout the day, so use this measurement as a guide and not your absolute and note that eating large meals, drinking alcohol, menstruation, illness, exercising and bathing may cause variations in your hydration level. Optimal water %’s for Women 45-60% and Men 50-65%.

About ScaleTelligence ® Bluetooth ® SMART Scale 

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The App displays your measurements with drill down capability into dynamic, summary measurements, and health zone results per measurement. You can view your data on trend graphs over time that visually displays measurement variations. The graphs can be viewed by week, month or quarter to help you stay on track. You can set a target weight goal and see how far are you from your goal. 

The touch screen interface makes it one of the most user friendly bathroom scales on the market today. Share your goals and achievement with your kids and family or social links, Twitter, Facebook.

​Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index (BMI) is an index of weight-for-height that is routinely used to classify underweight, overweight and obesity in adults.

Muscle Mass %

Knowing our muscle mass percentage is useful if we are undergoing any changes in our exercise regime or undertaking a program of weight loss. Lean muscle mass may decrease by nearly 50% between the ages of 20 and 90. We can replace this loss with fat if we don't maintain our exercise levels. We can also lose muscle rather than fat if we undergo starvation-type diets, which are not recommended. At rest, the body burns approximately 110 additional calories for each kilo of muscle gained. So if we come off a starvation-type diet, we actually put on more weight as fat. Ideally we want to maintain our muscle mass % while reducing fat %.

​Body Fat %

This value can serve as a guide to whether you need to adjust your diet, fitness program or fluid intake to help you to achieve a healthy balance.

Our bodies comprise of bone, fat and muscle. Fat is vital for a healthy, functioning body – it protects vital organs, cushions joints, helps regulate body temperature, stores vitamins and helps the body sustain itself when food is in short supply. But too much or too little body fat can be damaging to our health. This is why it is important to measure and monitor our body fat percentage using the Bluetooth ® SMART scale.

Body fat percentage gives us a good measure of wellness when used in conjunction with weight – if we are aiming to lose weight, our weight loss could be because we are losing muscle mass rather than fat - we can still have a high percentage of fat even when a scale indicates ‘normal weight’ .

For guidance, the Body Fat ranges for men and women are:

How to take routine readings and explore the App functions

Understanding your information

The information for each person that can be uploaded is: Weight (kg or lb.), Fat (%), Bone Mass, Muscle (%), Water (%), Visceral Fat (%), BMR and BMI.

You can then view these data. The great thing about our App is that you can upload and permanently store your data on your own secure account, so that you may review your information, monitor your activity and share with your social links.

We find it a powerful motivator if you measure yourself frequently, if not daily — ideally every morning. Not only does this give you great looking graphs, it is also a powerful motivation to keep being active, make healthier food choices throughout the day and achieve healthy body weight and composition!


Your weight is calculated and stored in the cloud. For a single view of your weight, it will show your weight in relation to your target weight, and you can view weight changes over a week, month, quarter through "Trend" menu.

Visceral Fat %

Visceral fat is located in our abdominal cavity (stomach area) and surrounds our vital organs. The more visceral fat you have the greater the chance of developing insulin resistance (leading to type 2 diabetes), heart disease and high blood pressure.

The Bluetooth ® SMART scale gives a visceral fat percentage for rating.
Visceral fat percentage between 1% – 9%: Indicates that we have a healthy level of visceral fat. Visceral fat percentage more than 9%: Indicates that we could have excess visceral fat and we may wish to consider modifying our diet or increasing our exercise levels.

​Bone Mass %

Similar to MUSCLE MASS percentage, understanding changes in our BONE MASS % can be useful, especially during weight reduction programs.

​Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Your BMR is calculated by the smart scales and is a measure of the number of calories required to keep your body functioning at rest, also known as your metabolism.