When I use one phone, similar weight users are assigned to the wrong the person.

APP supports 8 user measurements under one registered user ID. However, we don't suggest using the same E-mail/user ID or phone if there are two or more people with similar weights, within 3kg/6.6lbs. This will confuse the scale of recognizing who is the user, and it may register the wrong calculations even with the option of choosing users.

In this situation, the best way is to use individual user IDs. The best option is to use your own phone with your own user ID for similar weight users (within 3kg/6.6lbs.)

​​​​How do I add a new user?

If using one phone for multiple users, after signing as a main user for the first time, sign up new user under ‘Family Settings’, follow sign-up steps, have the new user step on the scale, wrong user may be assigned at first since the scale has not recognized the new user data yet, simply click on “+” under the Dynamic main page, a pop-up will appear to select the new user. The next time the new user steps on the scale will be automatically recognized. (wrong user data can be deleted by swiping “weight/fat” bar to the left, then click “Delete” red icon).


  • The scale supports multiple users by using individual registered user IDs on their own phones. For example, each household member can have own user ID on their phone to track their data. Each phone supports 8 users ( main registered user plus seven other users.

  • Each phone  connects to one scale at time. If you have multiple scales or have exchanged a scale, you will need to un-pair/unbind existing scale then pair with new the scale.​

When I setup my profile for the first time, my height come up in metric units (centimeter), how can I change it to feet/inches?

In order to get accurate measurements tailored to your body, your date of birth, gender, and height has to be exact. When setting up the scale/main user profile for the first time, your height comes up in metric units (centimeter). Here I how to change this:

1-Enter an estimate such as 175 cm (can be changed later per below) and complete profile setup. 
2-Click on “Setting”, “Unit Settings”, Under “Set Length Unit” select “British ( in, mile)”. 
3-If needed, under “Set Weight Unit” select British (lbs) or KG as needed ( will show up on APP).
4-Click top left back symbol till you get to page with your name/picture on top.
5-Click on your picture to adjust your profile, you can set the correct/set height in ft/in and other personal information as needed, such as target weight. 
6-Lastly, if a measurement was taken previously with the wrong height, simply click on “Dynamic” in setting menu, and swipe the weight/fat bar to left to delete the measurement(s) if needed.

NOTE: The scale has a button on the bottom to change the scale LCD display weight unit from KG to Lbs. This is independent form your APP weight unit per above.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

​​​​​I changed my phone, how can I recover historical data?

Simply download OKOK International APP on your new phone, login with your user iD, your historical  data should appear.
​​My scale will sometimes show few pounds higher weight than my normal weight, is there a problem with the scale?

This happens if you move or tilt the scale. Our scale has an Auto-CAL feature. If you constantly move or tilt your scale, the calibration will need to be re-set (automatically). The scale calibrates itself when it is off on a flat hard surface (no carpet); if moved it will be out of calibration and register erroneous higher weight.

To calibrate after moving/tilting, place it on a hard flat surface (no carpet), then step on it briefly until the LCD light ups, wait for it to see 0 0.lbs or kg, then simply step on to measure weight.

Note: No need for our scale APP to be turned on while performing above calibration. 

Contact us at: customerservice@tandrinternational.com


Why do my body measurements differ from other scales?

Body measurement analysis is an estimate using algorithms based on your inputed personal data: exact height, age, and gender. This applies for all scale manufacturers. ScaleTelligence scale uses BIA technology (Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis). The general principle is that two or more conductor electrodes on the scale contacts person’s body, and a small signal is sent through the body to calculate resistance between the conductors. Our software algorithm, along with other factors, estimates body composition to provide your data.

Please note that your measurements can be skewed if taken at different times of the day, for example, after exercise, consumption of large amount of liquid, caffeine, alcohol, and food consumption. For a more consistent results you should take your measurements at the same time of day, preferably first thing in the morning before breakfast, before exercise, and after hydrating in order to have the same baseline for day to day comparison.

​Due to the above factors, the measurements you see on your ScaleTelligence may vary from those you see using other measurement scales. This is the case for all BIA scales.

​​​​​​I measured myself at the end of the day with heavy clothing, I need to remove this data point from my trend history. How do I delete a measurement?

To delete a data point, go to “Dynamic” main page, swipe the desired “Weight/Fat” bar to the left, then click on red Delete icon. Data not deleted within 7 days will be permanently stored.

​​​​How can I sync data my scale data with iPhone Health app?

1- iPhone Health page usually comes up when you first install our APP. Select the vitals that you need to sync with iPhone Health, and click ALLOW.

2- Open IPhone Health App, Press the “Sources” at the bottom, verify that OKOK International APP is listed. click on the our APP should you need to turn ON/OFF any vitals from syncing with iPhone Health. 

3-If did not sync with iPhone Health upon initial installation of our APP, follow #2 above to turn on the vitals that you need to be sync'ed with iPhone Health.

You can only synchronize the MAIN user data into iPhone Health APP (user ID / person registered with APP)

- You can only synchronize the NEW data AFTER you have finished above sync setup process with Iphone Health APP. iPhone Health APP  does not import/sync of prior historical data taken with our scale APP. After your first measurement, you shod be able to see the detain iPhone Health APP moving forward.

- iPhone Health does not connect directly to scale, you must use our scale APP in order for your data to synchronize with Iphone Health APP.

​​​​​​On occasions, I have bluetooth connection problems; how can I fix this?

Ensure your phone BLUETOOTH is turned ON before you step on the scale (while scale is OFF).

Start by following the manual pairing steps and follow on screen phone instructions. Our Bluetooth®  SMART technology supports iOS 7.0 or above and Android 4.3 or above. 

  • Unpair/unbind the scale for your phone.Under main "Dynamic" page click on top left corner icon. Go to APP's Settings page, under My Scale: click un-pair/un-Bind
  • Follow above scale to re-pair/re-bind the scale and follow onscreen instructions and pair/bind the scale by following on screen instructions. 
  • This usually resolves any rare connection issues. 
  • NOTE: You may need to replace the batteries in rare occasions.

Another fix, is to wait for the scale to completely turn off. Close your APP completely (not running in background), weight few seconds then step on scale. If another phone is also paired to the same scale is nearby, you need to turn Bluetooth OFF of that phone, since the scale connects to one phone at at time, and maybe trying to connect to the other phone instead of yours.

For some older smartphone, a phone reset should solve the problem.  

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