• Large 3.3" blue backlit LCD display. Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO) sleek tempered glass surface for accurate measurements. Low profile design.
• ScaleTelligence ® Bluetooth ® SMART Scale uses Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to calculate: Weight, Body Fat %, Body Water %, Muscle Mass %, Bone Mass, BMI, Metabolism / BMR (KCal/day), Visceral % (Abdominal Fat %). 
• The scale transmits data to smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth ® 4.0 to a free mobile App. Your data is stored on a secure cloud and is synchronized with your new phone/tablet based on user login account.
• Graphical tracking of all 8 measurements providing an easy way to track your body indicators and variation over time. The App generates a diagnostic report per measurement.
• Auto power on/off function Bluetooth® SMART Technology: Simply step on the scale bare foot to turn on for accurate and consistent weight measurement, open APP for automatic connection, then simply step off and the scale will auto power off. No more tapping or buttons to press. You can view your data instantly on your mobile or tablet device.
• Integrates data with Apple Health ® & myfitnesspal APP can sync with iPhone Health.
• Auto calibrated with 4 high precision sensor to measure weight up to 396 lbs. or 180 kg with an accuracy of 0.2lb/0.1 kg.
• Add up to 8 users under each account created on your smartphone/tablet. Separate phones can have their own accounts.

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• Display: All data displayed when power on
• Capacity: 3kgs-180kgs/6.6lbs-396lbs
• Division: 1D=100g/0.2lb
• Unit: KG/LB/ST
• Voltage: 4.5V
• Battery: 3 *AAA battery
• Display: 84mm/3.3 inches Blue backlit LCD screen
• Low battery indication: 2.4V±0.2V, display “Lo” and power off
• Current: ≤25mA
• Standby current: ≤10μA
• Overload indication: overload more than 2.5kgs, total 182.5kgs display “Err”
• Best working temperature: 5oC ~35oC
• Storage temperature: -10oC ~60oC
• Moisture environment: ≤90%RH
• Net weight: 1.8kgs/4.0lbs
• Gross weight: 2.3kgs/5.0lbs


Retail Price: $69.95


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The best time to measure your body composition

Your body composition measurements are calculated based on an electric pulse going through your body. The measurements depends on several factors. Measurements can be skewed if taken at different times of the day, for example, after exercise, consumption of large amount of liquid, caffeine, alcohol, and food consumption. For a more consistent results you should take your measurements at the same time of day, preferably first thing in the morning before breakfast, before exercise, and after hydrating in order to have the same baseline for day to day comparison.

Taking measurements after having a bath or sauna, or following intensive exercise, or within 1-2 hours of drinking in quantity or eating a meal is going to distort the values generated and may show higher fat %, particularly at the end of the day than in the morning.   

Never attempt to take readings when you are wet, after a shower or vigorous exercise.  Also having thick callus on your bottom of your feet can skew the data and will impact the measurement accuracy.

Make sure that the scale is placed on a level, hard surface. 

DO NOT attempt to use the scale on a carpeted surface—erroneous values will be generated.


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Bluetooth® Body Analyzer Scale 

ScaleTelligence ® Bluetooth® SMART Scale with Blue Backlit LCD, with 8 Measurements: Weight, Fat %, Kcal/day BMR (Metabolism), BMI, Visceral % (Abdominal Cavity Fat), Water %, Muscle %, Bone Mass